New Argos Translate CDN server on Sharktech

I added a new server rented from Sharktech to the Argos Translate CDN.

This is what the model links currently look like on the package index:

        "package_version": "1.5",
        "argos_version": "1.5",
        "from_code": "cs",
        "from_name": "Czech",
        "to_code": "en",
        "to_name": "English",
        "links": [

Argos Translate does Round Robin load balancing with failover between the https links for each model download.

I’m currently splitting model downloads over three providers for redundancy and to spread out the load. The Digital Ocean CDN is very fast but also expensive. Time4VPS ( has very cheap bandwidth but the downloads were getting slow as the server got overloaded. I’m hoping this new Sharktech server ( will improve download speeds.

I also added my affiliate links to the Argos Translate Readme to help offset hosting costs:

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