Logging, Database

What is the best way to log traffic, I doubt I have much on translate.fortytwo-it.com (I presume) but not sure how to tell. AWStats comes to mind, but that seems like it wouldn’t work tracking libretranslate:5000 own server.

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I don’t currently have suggestions enabled… if I did, where would they go? Does libretranslate store them somewhere automatically (filesystem DB?) or would I need to setup a database and tell libretranslate where to store them?

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The suggestions are currently stored in a sqlite3 database (suggestions.db on the local filesystem). They don’t get uploaded anywhere at present.

For logging, you can enable Google Analytics by passing --ga-id <yourID> to the program (if you’re comfortable having Google collecting that data).

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Ah, I forgot about the ga-id option.

Would the suggestions.db write into the /app directory, or elsewhere?

Found it in /home/libretranslate after I enabled suggestions and fixed my PHP class to submit! Didn’t realize there was a libretranslate user…