Excluding a 4 words branded name from translation on a self-hosted instance


We have a self-hosted LibreTranslate instance integrated to a Discourse forum. One of our platforms is called “BON in a Box”, and it is discussed in many places on the forum. The name is translated, with results like this:

“There are a few ways to engage in BON in a Box.” becomes
“Il y a quelques façons de s’engager dans le BON dans une boîte.”

Desired translation would be
“Il y a quelques façons de s’engager dans BON in a Box.”

Is there a way to tag the locution not to be translated on our LibreTranslate instance?

LibreTranslate doesn’t currently support custom translation overrides but it could be a good feature to add.


One hack you could try to force a translation for a section of tect would be to put the text in a HTML tag and then translate the HTML with LibreTranslate.

<span>My Brand Name</span> is a successful shipping corporation in the Southwest region.