About LibreTranslate docker image Downloaded models volumes

Hey guys. Im using libretranslate through it docker image,

    image: libretranslate/libretranslate:latest
      - ./.ai/libretranslate/models/:/home/libretranslate/.local/share/argos-translate/packages/
      - 5001:5000

but, everytime I docker compose up all models are downloaded again within the image in this dir: /home/libretranslate/.local/share/argos-translate/packages/. But when I try to share the volume it throws me I have no permission to access the directory.

I can’t also give chmod -R 777 permissions because the base image has not installed chmod, I cannot install it neither … and so on. Is there any mechanism or maybe env variable or config value to sort this out and store locally the volume with the models to have them permanently?

Try to specify an absolute path here.

Hello, is your method feasible? I also want you to use it this way. May I ask how all language models are manually downloaded, and how Docker Compose.yml is written

my docker-compose.yml like this

version: "3"

    image: libretranslate/libretranslate:latest
    container_name: libretranslate
    restart: unless-stopped
      - "5000:5000"
      test: ['CMD-SHELL', './venv/bin/python scripts/healthcheck.py']     
      - /opt/libretranslate_models:/home/libretranslate/.local:rw

then i manually download all language packs in /opt/libretranslate_models
when i docker-compose up -d, it always Updating language models

and then it does not works