Wrong translation


After reinstalling the server following the following guide ( argosopentech/LibreTranslate-init: Run LibreTranslate on Ubuntu 20.04 (github.com)), the translations made are not correct.

For example, when translating ‘Hello’ from English to Spanish it shows 2 asterisks.

When translating ‘Hello!’, He translates it as ‘“Que!”’, Which its actual meaning is ‘What!’

Does anyone know what can happen?


Possibly related: https://github.com/argosopentech/argos-translate/issues/197

I think there are two issues happening. I added new Spanish and German models last week but realized that they were overtrained with is leading to some bad results (working on fixing this). I think the overtraining is causing this issue and I’ll hopefully have a fix out in a week or so.

There’s a separate issue several people have reported where the output is massively repeated that I don’t know what is causing.

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I also reverted the overtrained models so this should be fixed.

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