Workflow for configuring graphical user interface localization

Localization dropdown in LibreTranslate user interface

Would it make more sense for the localization dropdown to display the name of the language in the language itself? For example if the user is a Spanish speaker they would have to find the word “Spanish” written in English instead of “Español”.

I think we already have the translations of the language names in Weblate.

Good point, I’m not sure! I personally get overwhelmed reading through a list of languages in different languages (when I’m looking for “Italian” on an English site, it’s more difficult to locate “Italiano” rather than “Italian”), but that’s because I understand English…

Google actually displays both:

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Interesting, I also prefer seeing the languages all in English. I’m an English speaker though so I don’t have a good sense of what the experience would be for a non English speaker. I’m guessing a lot.of people can read enough English to recognize their language’s name in English.