With-models parameter - models language not found

Hi, I’m building a custom image from the source code with docker, I’m using the with-models parameter to make it offline, and then I’m trying to use the models parameter to select the languages to download in the build, but I don’t find a valid way, I tried “en”, “fr”, “en_fr”, “en-fr”, and they don’t work, see below:

docker build -f docker/Dockerfile --build-arg with_models=true --build-arg models=“en” -t libretranslate .

the error is:

#14 2.959 raise ValueError(“no available package”)
#14 2.959 ValueError: no available package

executor failed running [/bin/sh -c if [ “$with_models” = “true” ]; then if [ ! -z “$models” ]; then ./venv/bin/python scripts/install_models.py --load_only_lang_codes “$models”; else ./venv/bin/python scripts/install_models.py; fi fi]: exit code: 1

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I think the models param works like this:

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