Where do I find ltmanage command?

I have just installed LibreTranslate via Docker.

Now I want to create an API key and as of the docs I need to call ltmanage keys add 120, but this command is not available in my bash (bash: ltmanage: command not found).

So where is ltmanage or how can I call it?

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I just tried and got this far. You might need to setup a database? I think there’s also functionality to connect to a remote database.

Run LibreTranslate:

sudo docker run -ti --rm -p 5000:5000 --name libretranslate_instance libretranslate/libretranslate --load-only en,es,de,fr,ru,zh

Run Shell in Docker Container:

sudo docker exec -it libretranslate_instance sh

ltmanage needs a database:

./venv/bin/ltmanage keys add 120
No such database: api_keys.db

Database is already automatically created if you enable the API key flag.
The ltmanage command is found in "./venv/bin/ltmanage".

But you need to call ltmanage in base directory and not in "./venv/bin" directory.

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Sorry, but would you mind explaining what exactly the base directory is?

The base is the main directory after you connect to the docker via ssh.

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