When I run locally always get 403 Forbidden

I just installed libretranslate with python3 on a mac, after that I run the lib without arguments, I try to exec any http method and always get 403 Forbidden, please help!

Aside from 403, do you get an error message on the response body?

Hi, no, the response is empty

Mm, I’m not sure what would cause the error.

I am facing something similar. I have been sent a frontend coding challenge that requires me to consume the LibreTranslate API. I was instructed to use the libretranslate.com version and not a local setup. However, when I send the request from my frontend code using axios, I get a 403 response with the body:

“error”: “Please contact the server operator to obtain an API key”

The above happens even though api_key is indicated as not required in the docs. Please advise me on:
a) How to contact admin to get an API key or
b) How to send a request without setting api_key in the request body


The API on libretranslate.com requires an API key.

Installing the software on your machine from https://github.com/LibreTranslate/LibreTranslate does not require an API key.

You can purchase a key by visiting Stripe Checkout


Amazing! Thanks a lot for being very clear and giving the exact steps to take.

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