What to do after using suggest api call (on a private docker instance)?

Hi all,

I’m new and I have tried “libretranslate” container (v1.3.10) on a private container, not so bad :grinning:

I used the suggest API which have created a SQLite database in “/app/db/suggestions.db”, then I used the script “/app/scripts/suggestions-to-jsonl.py” which have created a file named “/app/1679154903.jsonl”.

But now, what can I do with this file ?

I suspect that I have to include it in a model learning step to make the operational ML binary or something like, but I found nothing really clear or well documented :frowning:

Does anybody have a clear guide / documentation on how to increase traduction efficiency using suggestions, or anything else ?

Thanks very much for any help…

Yep, see https://github.com/argosopentech/argos-train

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