VI Language is not available after installed and run #626

Please let me know how to add new / install VI Language in my site

I follow the document but only 44 languages in 88 models are installed

Updating language models
Found 88 models
Loaded support for 44 languages (88 models total)!


There’s two models for each language pair. So you already have all of them!

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AFAIK, this is an issue with stanza. There was an attempt to update it, but it broke other languages. See Stanza version >=1.1.1 breaks a few langauges · Issue #400 · argosopentech/argos-translate · GitHub

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hi pierotofy,

there is no Vietnamese language after installed and run

“target”: “vi”
“error”: “vi is not supported”

Thanks for your reply

There are 46 languages on online instead of 44 on mine