Unable to install only spanish model

I want to install only spanish, so according to this link I tried:

libretranslate --load-only es

However, I’m met with a

Cannot update models (normal if you're offline): no available package
IndexError: list index out of range

How can I only install specific language models? Also where are the language models stored? I’m using a virtualenv to do this.

Should be:

libretranslate --load-only es,en

The relevant code is here:


I will try that out. Thank you very much!

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Edit: Resolved, I used

libretranslate --load-only es,en --update-models

and it works great! Now I’m just wondering how to get rid of Albanian and Arabic since I don’t need those models.

well, now the server runs, but for some reason spanish doesn’t show up:

I suspect albanian and arabic are on there because I tried running it and then realized that it was going to install 86 languages, and since I didn’t need that many I terminated the program.

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You can uninstall Argos Translate packages using argostranslate.package.uninstall


import argostranslate
import argostranslate.package

def uninstall_argostranslate_package(from_code: str, to_code: str):
    for pkg in argostranslate.package.get_installed_packages():
        if pkg.from_code == from_code and pkg.to_code == to_code:

if __name__ == "__main__":
    from_code = "en"
    to_code = "it"
    uninstall_argostranslate_package(from_code, to_code)

You can also delete the installed packages directly from you filesystem in ~/.local/share/argos-translate:

(env) pj@pj-Latitude-5490:~/Desktop$ ls ~/.local/share/argos-translate/packages/
translate-cs_en-1_9  translate-en_cs-1_9
(env) pj@pj-Latitude-5490:~/Desktop$ rm ~/.local/share/argos-translate/packages/translate-en_cs-1_9/ -rf
(env) pj@pj-Latitude-5490:~/Desktop$ argospm list
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thank you so much! This worked perfectly!

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