Translation suggestion

Hello there,

I was checking some translations and came through “coloured”, which some may link to “britannic english” due to very-very-very old french links in language (of those actually only people in europe and not the majority or younger generations). Anyway, as I don’t want to cause any long discussions here, I’d like to ask how I myself may change it to “colored” cause “coloured” is used way lesser and much more triggered/triggering to racism.

I’ve found several translation model data source files containing english, so I suppose that they all would need to be manually changed? Is there any other way?

I just really don’t want to trigger anyone.

Thank you for the tool and the nice support!

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This would require training a model with “colored” spelled the way you want it to be.

Currently we don’t support specific dialects of English but we could add models that translate from generic English to American English, British English, and others.