Translation does not work in multi mode.

Hello. I run a check through the shell in PHP.
For multi-line texts, when an array is sent to the API, an untranslated and distorted string is returned, quotes and slash characters are lost. The string cannot be decoded.

Can you give me any advice?

The tests were for translation from English into Spain:

$diffNew = [];
          $diffNew['key0'] = 'Hello <a href="#">This is test 1</a> ready';
          $diffNew['key1'] = 'Hi <a href="javascript:void">This is test 2</a> ready';
          $diffNew['key2'] = 'Good evening <a href="" onclick="checkJs();">This is test 2</a> ready';
//$diffNew = 'Hello <a href="#">This is test for single</a> ready';
          $response = $this->libreTranslate->Translate($diffNew,'en','ru');

Hola. Esta es la prueba 1 realizada/a confidencial lista",“key1”:“Hola Esta es la prueba 2 realizada/a confidencial lista”, “key2”: “Buenas noches Esta es la prueba 2 hecha \ / un contacto listo”}