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I tried to set up a LibreTranslate instance, no problem setting up but I may have a configuration problem, or I underestimated the power needed.

To translate a text of about 1700 characters, it takes about 12s on while on my instance it takes … 2 minutes.

What is the configuration / power of the server that hosts the instance?


It’s pretty beefed up! 24 cores, 128GB RAM. One of the latest AMD Ryzen CPU.

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I’m having similar issues, so here’s a quick benchmark.

Update: what I’m doing wrong is subscribing to a sub-par service, apparently. I tried a digitalocean VPS with 1 shared AMD cpu and the same test takes 2 seconds instead.

I have a VPS with 2 cores and ~3GB RAM. When translating this text from german:

Die Hermannschule arbeitet seit Jahren an einem tragfähigen Medienkonzept, das ihren Besonderheiten und ihren besonderen Bedürfnissen gerecht wird. Ein Beispiel: Unsere Klassenräume sind längst mit interaktiven Tafeln ausgestattet.

my instance takes ~12 seconds to translate it. Both cores are at 100% during that time, and the RAM usage barely changes.

I don’t think RAM is the issue, but the power of the CPU.
This VPS is probably kind of weak, I have no idea on how to measure it, but here’s some info from /proc/cpuinfo:

processor       : 0
vendor_id       : GenuineIntel
cpu family      : 6
model           : 13
model name      : QEMU Virtual CPU version 2.5+
stepping        : 3
microcode       : 0x1
cpu MHz         : 2399.996
cache size      : 16384 KB
bogomips        : 4799.99

For reference, I’m running it like this:

podman run --rm -it -p 5000:5000

I was working on the firefox extension, more info here: Firefox Addon · Issue #55 · LibreTranslate/LibreTranslate · GitHub

Yes same conclusions, to translate quickly you need an instance with a good CPU.
I tried a host with 2,4,8 cores of a basic CPU (for reference: Intel® Xeon® E5-2690v3) and nothing changed, translations were slow.
You really need a good cpu to have fast translations


could you send me the link of your server hosting ? i want to check it to have a instance with a good speed like yours

Check out

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What is the max system requirements to host Libretranslate on server using Kubernetes?
I want to know max CPU and memory to get faster result.