Request token to make request


I have correctly configured the environment and it works correctly, but any user can make requests.

I would like to configure the API so that it can only be done using a token, but --require-api-key-origin does not work for me and the machine returns a 502.

How would you do with this configuration?


You need to use --api-keys along with --req-limit 0. Then issue an API key with high request limits. This will effectively only allow requests with an API key (all others will be denied).


I currently have it this way:

And it works properly. The api responds the following:

Slowdown: 0 per 1 minute

But I would like to reply this message:

Please contact the server operator to obtain an API key

I modify the service like this:


And I get the 502 error.

I’m doing something wrong …

You don’t need to set require_api_key_origin.

Instead, run:

python keys add 999999

This will give you the API key you need to use for your requests.

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