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Hector Berlioz (11 December 1803 – 8 March 1869) was a French Romantic composer. His output includes orchestral works such as Harold in Italy, choral pieces including his Requiem and L’enfance du Christ, and works of hybrid genres such as the “dramatic symphony” Roméo et Juliette and the “dramatic legend” La damnation de Faust. Expected to enter medicine, Berlioz defied his family by taking up music, and won the Prix de Rome in 1830. Berlioz married the Irish Shakespearean actress Harriet Smithson, who inspired his first major success, the Symphonie fantastique, in which an idealised depiction of her occurs throughout. His first opera, Benvenuto Cellini, was a failure. The second, the epic Les Troyens, was so large in scale that it was never staged in its entirety during his lifetime. Meeting only occasional success in France as a composer, Berlioz turned to conducting, in which he gained an international reputation. He also wrote musical journalism throughout much of his career.


Hector Berlioz (1803年12月11日 – 1869年3月8日)是一位法國浪漫作曲家. 他出品的作品有:意大利哈羅德等管弦樂作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作作作作曲作曲作曲作曲作作曲作曲作曲作曲作作曲作作作曲作作作曲作曲作作作作作作作作作曲作曲作曲作曲作曲作作作作作作作作 Berlioz取出音樂取道他的家人 在1830年贏取了羅馬之花 Berlioz娶了愛爾蘭莎士比亞女演員Harriet Smithson 他啟發出他第一次出道的相關相關相關相關相關相關相關相關事 他出演的第一部歌劇"貝文努托·切利尼"是一出失敗. 二作"史詩"“特洛伊恩斯”"相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相當相相當相當相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相相 Berlioz以作曲家身份在法國相遇, 他的生涯多半也寫作音樂新聞.

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