Question about human validation of web ui language and help to improve translation results

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About the first question: As I understand, LibreTranslate’s web user interface requires human approval to apply. I am a Farsi speaker and I would like to do this and undertake the human verification of the user interface translation. There are two problems. First, suggestions for translation have been sent and it won’t let me make another suggestion. Second, who approves the proposals for implementation? (I want to take over the Persian translation of the user interface, please help me :))

Second question:
LibreTranslate does not have an acceptable and usable quality in translating languages into Farsi (to the extent that I am writing this message now with Google Translate. Unfortunately). How can I help improve the translation in my own language?

Hi @mehr32 :wave: Weblate will let you actually approve the translations, but you must be logged-in into Weblate; if you’re not, you can only send suggestions (as an anonymous user).

The best way would be to help us train a better language model, then share it here on the forum for inclusion on the argos-index. GitHub - LibreTranslate/Locomotive: Toolkit for training/converting LibreTranslate compatible language models đźš‚

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very great No, I do not have access. (Suggestions were sent before me a few months ago, but they have not been confirmed yet. How should I follow up on this issue?)
I am trying to teach a model myself, I am collecting data. Do you know a free database for this language?

You’ll need to register/login on Weblate.

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