Problem with translation Japanese to Engels text

Hi i don’t to know this is the correct place.
But i have some problems to translate text to Engels for Japanese.
The translate text shows Japanese charters in the Engels text and this is not correct.
Here under i have a sample Japanese test that i wand to translate in Engels for reading but you see that argos don’t translate the Japanese text correctly i have all so include the translation that is done by google translate and open ia for how the text be translate correctly, (by a machine/ai translation)

I hope this can be fix in the near future.
For context i use the desktop program (the gui version).

original text:


argos translate text to engles

I was worried that the 風hoon came to Sagami Bay from a few days ago. The wind was strong in the daytime, but the rain cloud suddenly appeared in the evening.

Google translate text:

A few days ago there was information that a typhoon was approaching Sagami Bay, so I was worried about today's coverage. The wind was strong during the day, but somehow the weather was fine, but rain clouds suddenly appeared in the evening, and it turned into a storm in no time.

open AI translate text:

A few days ago, there was information that a typhoon was approaching the Sagami Bay area, and there were concerns about today's coverage as well. During the day, there was only strong wind, and somehow the weather held up, but in the evening, rain clouds rapidly appeared, and in no time, it turned into a storm.