Problem with Argos Translate GUI installation on linux

mx linux 21, xfce 4.18

hello, i realise installation is ‘easy’ but i am not sure what i am doing wrong. Steps i have followed:

-installed python package manager from the MX package installer
-followed the installation commands on the github page:
pip install argostranslate
pip install argostranslategui
(no errors produced)
-argos translate is not recognised on the command line, if i do whereis argostranslate or argos-translate it is not found, although i see 2 files in ~/.local/bin/argos-translate and argos-translate-gui
-added to my .zshrc: export PATH="~/.local/bin:$PATH"
-still not recognised on the command line
-i then try installing with git clone, pip install but it is the same outcome

bear in mind i’m a moron and have no idea what i’m doing, any help much appreciated! I have watche a number of videos but they all skip over the installation because it is ‘easy’

thanks :slight_smile:

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Try using a Python virtual environment.

Create virtual environment
virtualenv env
Enable virtualenv in terminal
source env/bin/activate
Install Argos Translate GUI
pip install argostranslategui
Run Argos Translate GUI


/home/username/Desktop/env/bin/python /home/username/git/argos-translate-gui/bin/argos-translate-gui