Offline vietnamese

vietnamese is available in the online libretranlate but not the offline version.
i saw where it had an error and was removed a little over a year ago.
is it going to be made available for the offline version any time?

Check this thread which has links to models that might not have been uploaded to the argos-index just yet: OPUS-MT Language Models Port Thread

that works

This was the bug I removed Vietnamese for.

It would be great to get the Vietnamese model working again but I haven’t looked into it much.

got it
inputs needs a little sed processing

Is the Stanza issue fixed in newer versions of Stanza?

this does not process
XE BA BÁNH TỰ CHẾ (phần 5) chạy thử

this does
XE BA BÁNH TỰ CHẾ phần 5 chạy thử

i don’t know if the output is correct
only that it doesn’t produce an error

Is there a way to force download Vietnamese?

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It looks like the bug with Vietnamese got fixed on Stanza’s end so I uploaded the Opus-MT model to the index.

Vietnamese should be live now for new LibreTranslate installations:


I’m seeing reports that this might have caused a regression:

It looks like upgrading Stanza to fix the Vietnamese model breaks other languages so I had to revert the commit adding Vietnamese support:

I also released Argos Translate 1.9.3 which pins the Stanza version at 1.1.1.