Offline setup - docker version

Dear all, I have been not able to find the documentation to make an offline setup, I mean:

  • where are the language packages? should I use the one from argostrans?
  • where should I put the language packages if I do a docker with libretranslate?
  • how can I tell libretranslate not try to download packages? in my environment it tries to download them and because firewall restrictions it fails and is not able to start


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You can see the language packages here:

Once you have the packages you can either install the argosmodel packages with Python. Or you can extract them as a zip archive to $HOME/.local/share/argos-translate/packages/.

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many thanks @argosopentech , now I only need to know how to tell libretranslate not try to download anything, any tip?

You can use the with-models parameter to build a docker image that has the models built-in.

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many thanks, it took me some time to understand the instructions, it worked, but the image is too big, and then I tried to use only a few models, with the models parameter in the docker build too, but I couldn’t make it work, I tried with models=“en”, “es”, “fr-en”, “fr_en” and no one of them worked,

Please close the topic, I’m posting another topic for the issue that I have found with the models parameter. Many thanks for the help.

Hi @micuentadecasa did you find a solution for running a container?

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