New category request! Installation & Setup

Shouldn’t there be an “Installation” category here?

I mean, okay, ideally it would be nice if installation was so straightforward on all platforms and configurations that it could be described in five words or less and if setup was just a matter of turning support for certain optional features on or off through some easy to find intuitive interface, but perhaps we’ll never get there without some focused discussion on the matter. So, I hope that discussion can begin here and my suggestion to make a new topic category for it will be given serious consideration… so that perhaps someday the only new topics going into that category will be people commenting on how much progress has been made or how easy it was to install LibreTranslate their first time and set it up exactly the way they wanted it.

Can we start that discussion?


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We could also do a general “Support” category. That’s what the OpenNMT forum does.

Ideally, I think not being able to install the software easily is a “bug”. If it’s difficult to install on a certain platform, instead of providing a dedicated support channel on the forum perhaps the correct thing to do would be to find a way to simplify the installation.

Just my two cents.

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