Native library to bundle with desktop app to perform client side translation

I’m new to the forum and to machine translation. I have a native chat application that I would like to add message translation to. My users are dealing with very flaky networks, so I would like to be able to perform the translation on device.

Google MLKit offers something like what I am looking for on mobile devices. App users can download the specific bilingual models that they need when they do have a network connection, and perform translation on device without need for a network connection afterward. I am looking to implement something similar for my Windows and Mac desktop applications.

Would LibreTranslate/Argos be a good jumping off point for a project like this? Does anyone know of any existing libraries that do what I am talking about?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Argos Translate runs offline and has a Desktop application.

I also wrote a CTranslate2 demo application in C++ which might be easier to be port to new platforms.