Machine Translate open resources project

One of the creators of this project reached out to me and they’re building open resources for machine translation. They have documentation and articles that could be relevant to people in the LibreTranslate community.


This is a neat resource. I’m curious about the foundation behind it. It looks like they aggregate various links to outside projects but don’t develop any project directly? I’ll bookmark it.

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Hi Piero!

This is Cecilia from Machine Translate. Nice to e-meet you!
You can find a bit about our foundation here.

We aren’t developing our own projects, but rather creating articles about machine translation from the development and industry sides.
We’ll soon have tutorials and a newsfeed.

We are still building, but the project is available since day one. You can see our roadmap here.

Thanks for bookmarking us! :rocket:
Hope you find Machine Translate useful!