Local installation does not include urdu langauge translation


I’ve setup a local installation of libretranslate using Docker. I have noticed that on the website I have the ability to translate between english → urdu. But the local installation does not offer this language.

I tried doing “argospm search --from-lang en” to find if there was a package I can install for urdu but found nothing.

I’d greatly appreciate help in this matter.

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@pierotofy do you have the .argosmodel files for Urdu? I don’t think it was ever uploaded to the index and I don’t see it with the other Opus-MT models in your Google Drive folder.

Ups, I must have forgotten to upload it. I just uploaded it: OPUS-models – Google Drive

  • translate-en_ur_1_0.argosmodel
  • translate-ur_en_1_0.argosmodel
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Thanks! I think you forgot to upload en_ur. I see ur_en now

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Whoops, ok, try now?

Got it thanks! Urdu is live:

Free and Open Source Machine Translation API. Self-hosted, offline capable and easy to setup.

آزاد اور اوپن ماخذ مشین اے پی آئی۔ خود غرضی، بے قاعدہ صلاحیت اور آسانی سے نصب کرنے کے لئے.

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