Local Install of GUI


I want to put the argos translate gui on machine intended to be offline, and to make small changes to the code (Just commenting out the “go online” parts, including argospm). I’ve tried downloading the project and pip install’ing it locally (ran “python3 pip install -e .” in the directory), but it does not properly install in the /usr/local/bin folder, so I can’t use “argos-translate-gui” in the terminal, and when I go to the ~./local/bin/ and run it, it does open, but cannot see the language packs in the ~/.local/ path. (That might be a second question, as the local installer for the packs looks for a .argosmodel, but my files are a dir of .bin, .model, .pt, etc)

When I just pip install normally, everything works fine. But how would I go about setting up just a local, custom instance of the gui?

I saw the documentation of argos-translate had directions for a local install, but not the gui repo specifically.

I think these commands should install argos-translate-gui from source:

git clone https://github.com/argosopentech/argos-translate-gui.git
cd argos-translate-gui
virtualenv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -e .