LibreTranslate instance overloaded

Thanks for providing wonderful library…
I have integrate LibreTranslate on my server, Its work’s fine at starting giving quick response but
now it take 1 minute or sometime didn’t given response… what’s wrong with it now.

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Is it possible the server is overloaded? Are there other people using the server?

On Linux you can see you current processes with htop.

Thanks for replying
I have stop translating data which is in loop, Now it’s working normal.
Is it due to large request at a time? what I do if I need to handle more request
Now I process request one by one it’s working fine

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To handle more requests you can either use a more powerful CPU, use a server with a GPU, distribute the load over multiple servers, or space out the requests.

I’ve had good results with Digital Ocean (referral link) which I use for my LibreTranslate mirror and has good prices for GPU rentals which I use for training Argos Translate models.

Thanks for provide solution, I will check

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