ICU_VERSION Error on Install

I tried getting this on my computer and it installs:

pip3 install libretranslate

Now the documentation says to use:

libretranslate [args]

When I try “libretranslate” at terminal I get

libretranslate: command not found

Same with

python3 -m libretranslate

Am I missing a step on Ubuntu?

Also would this be a good way to get this running on Librem phone, which has some limited memory and cpu?

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Mm, strange, do you get any error messages when installing from pip?


I just recently did a new install on a digital ocean Ubuntu and got same thing.

No errors shown but no libretranslate in path.

Do the pip install libretranslate again

The second time it did spit out error messages, mostly about ICU_VERSION

I needed to at least do
sudo apt install libicu-dev

I can’t remember but may also need to do
pip install pyICU

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Sometimes the Python version of PyICU isn’t able install all of it’s dependencies with pip and you need to install additional dependencies.

I think this could end up being a common install problem. We currently use PyICU for transliteration, if there are other easier to install libraries that do this well they would be worth considering.

For me both recent Ubuntu installs failed at first with the ICU_VERSION error. But I think it’s the libicu-dev that needs installed that maybe creates this ICU_VERSION definition in the OS?

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