How to install a language model on the server. Have a tutorial?

Hello, I want to install the language model from this branch New argos model zh_ru and ru_zh on my server, tell me which command I can do this. Is there an instruction?

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argosmodel это просто zip-архив, можно распаковать в каталог с моделями.

argosmodel is just zip archive, and you can unpack into a model dir.


You can also install a .argosmodel package from Python.

import pathlib

import argostranslate.package

package_path = pathlib.Path("/root/translate-en_it-2_0.argosmodel")

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You can also install .argosmodel files with the Argos Translate GUI.

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Не подскажите где именно находятся модели argosmodel? Я не могу их найти, хотел распаковать в каталог с моделями.

Can you tell us in which directory the argosmodel models are located? I can’t find them, I wanted to unpack them in a catalog with models.

I tried to install argosmodel with python, but I can’t. I have little experience in python, maybe I’m doing something wrong. Can you tell me how to do it right?

root@rxmjmtdskj:~# cd /home/libretranslate/LibreTranslate/libretranslate
root@rxmjmtdskj:/home/libretranslate/LibreTranslate/libretranslate# python
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/libretranslate/LibreTranslate/libretranslate/", line 3, in <module>
    import argostranslate.package
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'argostranslate'