How do I install LibreTranslate on Windows 11 with Python 3.11

I’ve been trying for days and it seems there is an endless array of dependencies to install in order to get LibreTranslate installed on Windows 11 for Python 3.11, and most of them are problematic at best to manage to install. Is there a full list of instructions somewhere of exact steps to take to get all dependencies installed and working together and get LibreTranslate running on Windows 11 with Python 3.11? Or, at least a comprehensive list of dependencies so a person could have a clue how many more days or weeks to plan on this process taking?

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The best way to run LibreTranslate on Windows is probably using Docker. There’s the run.bat script for running LibreTranslate with Docker on Windows:

There’s also a GitHub project that tries to install all of the dependencies to install LibreTranslate natively on Windows:

pip install libretranslate didn’t work?

What dependencies did not install correctly?

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