How do I install all language packages, why does the "vi" ones fail, and what is "sbd"?

I eventually resorted to coding a script which went through all the files in the directory of language packs (the separate all-in-one download), parsed out the “translate-XX_XX” parts from the file names and then executed a command such as this for each one: install translate-tr_en

This seems to work for most of them, but two of them give a weird error: install translate-vi_en
Package not found install translate-en_vi
Package not found

Why do those two packages “not exist” even though they are right there in the same directory as all the other ones which (apparently) installed correctly with the same kind of command? (“vi” is apparently Vietnamese, if that matters.)

I also tried things such as: install *

Did not work. And this, which I randomly found mentioned in some kind of support/issue thread: install translate

… was supposed to be some kind of “all translation packages”, but it just seems to load forever and never returns control/ends.

Also, there is a mystery file called sbd-1_4.argosmodel which doesn’t follow the pattern of the other files, and it again shows “Package not found” if I try to install it with install sbd. What is that package for? I searched but found no mention whatsoever of it anywhere on the Internet.

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This should install all of the packages. It’s taking a long time because there are ~50 of them: install translate

Don’t worry about the “sbd” package, it’s not used by default.

en_vi has been removed too because of a bug in Stanza for Vietnamese.

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Here’s a code reference for argospm install translate:

This syntax is also going to be used in Argos Translate 2 to download the default translation model. So it’s a good way to install all languages if you don’t want to install specific language packages.

Thanks. I guess I was too impatient, but it seemed to get stuck forever. But it eventually finished. But it should be made much clearer in the documentation!

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