How best to translate my content to 8 languages


I have an educational website:

I would like to translate the content to 8 languages(these are all supported by LibreTranslate). I’m trying to find out the best/easiest way to implement this.
Currently I have the content in Firestore,which is basically a no-sql JSON format.I was using Google translate service but I ran out of quota fast.
I’m looking for an easier and more cost-effective solution.

Thank you


Hi, cool site!

If you’re trying to translate JSON the most straightforward way is probably to connect to LibreTranslate using language bindings for a scripting language like Python. You can parse the JSON for your site, select the fields you want, and then translate them by connecting to a LibreTranslate server.

I see. I tried using the Node binding using the Libre engine.
So, just to confirm, I still need an API for using the Libre engine?
Is the API free or is it paid service?

interesting, I tried the google engine. It doesn’t seem to need a key. Are there any quota limitations on this? seems to good to be true.

The LibreTranslate mirrors list shows available mirrors and if they require an API key.

Thanks again! :blush: I appreciate that this library is available like this. Awesome job!