German places names get translated

Hi, new to this forum so I don’t know if I should send my issue here or directly to the github repository issue section. Apologies in advance.

When using your services, I’ve encountered a small problem : When giving a German place name, it auto-detects it as English, and then, tries to translate it in German again, leading to weird translations that doesn’t really make sense.
For example :

  • Panoramabad → Das ist nicht gut.
  • Siegburg → Das ist der Sieg
  • Bürgerzentrum → Das Leben der Menschen (This one is even weirder, because it’s a real word)
  • Eiscafe Sagittario → Das ist das erste Mal
  • Aqualand → Wasser

This is even stranger, as it works fine in other languages, but translating to German, it doesn’t work at all.

Is there anyway to solve this problem as it doesn’t detect the right language in the first place, or any fix possible ?
Thanks a lot !

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You might need to explicitly provide the source language. Auto-detection works well when you have complete sentences, it’s less reliable for single words.

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