Free Self Hosted Language Translator with API: LibreTranslate

This is like any other translator out there, but it has its own translation engine. There is no limit on the number of transaction or the number of API calls. You just deploy it and then you are free to use it however you want. The deployment process is very simple as you only have to run one simple command. You can run as many instances of this translator anywhere you want.

There are literally a lot of translator software are available that you can use but they always come with some kind of limitations. That happens because they reply on other servcies such s Google or Azure. But here LibreTranslate is not like that. You can use it for personal and professional needs and even extend its functionality in you are a programmer as this whole tool is an open source project.

LibreTranslate is one of the best self-hosted translation software you can use. Everything is simple and straightforward without any complex setup. For me, the best part is that it doesn’t rely on any other external servcies for translating your text. For a completely free and open source alternative to Google or Bing translate, it is a very nice option.

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