ERROR - Using translate pt to en

Hello, I’m running the API for translating Portuguese to English.
Apparently from what I saw on the site, this translation is supported. However, when making the request, I am receiving the following return:

	"error": "pt is not supported"


	"q":"Olá mundo",
	"source": "pt",
	"target": "en",
	"format": "text"

Could anyone tell me if I need to install any additional packages for it to work?

Mm, strange. Are you running LibreTranslate on your own machine? If so, make sure the Portuguese model is installed / being downloaded.

Yes, I’m running it on my machine (Windows 11), from what I researched the Portuguese download would be done by Argos, but I’m not able to run it.

I downloaded the file “translate-pt_en-1_0.argosmodel”, but I don’t know exactly where to put it.

See GitHub - LibreTranslate/Locomotive: Toolkit for training/converting LibreTranslate compatible language models 🚂

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It worked, thank you very much!

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