EPUB Ebook Support

It looks like there’s interest in translating ePUB ebooks, it could be a good format to translate.

This could be part of argos-translate-files or it’s own library.

I will look into add support for Epub, i think it can be added in argos-translate-files

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Nice. I was looking into PDF, but as I tracked it down where the conversion happens, it seemed to be an outside library. So I couldn’t figure out how to add something like PyPDF2

Thought about adding it to just the PHP interface, but couldn’t find a self-contained open-source converter. They all require pdftotext program to be installed. In which case I could write my own. Maybe like the ltmanage commands - if the program is available locally PDF is available, if it’s not… no PDF option.

I’m not sure the ePUB “language”. But might it be similar? ePub->html or ePub->text similar to a PDF->html or PDF->text…?

argostranslate.tags supports translating formats with tags like HTML or XML. This is what translate-html and argos-translate-files uses.To translate a new format you would need to parse it and translate in a similar way.

For a lot of formats you can also convert them to HTML and then translate the HTML without writing a custom parser.