Bug when installing Argos Translate on Windows. (Workaround found.)

I recently installed it on Windows 10 with: pip install argostranslate

No errors.

However, I was not able to type argostranslate in the terminal after that, and also not argos-translate. They were not recognized as commands. This puzzled me a lot until somebody on IRC helped me by guessing that I had to do this:

cd "c:\Users\John Doe\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python310\Scripts
rename argospm argospm.py
rename "argos-translate" "argos-translate.py"

After doing that, I was able to use argos-translate.py (from anywhere) to successfully run Argos Translate.

I thought I should mention this as it probably cripples anyone trying to use this on Windows unless they happen to find a helpful person who is able to assist them.

Unless there is some kind of error with my specific setup, but I seem to recall running other Python CLI programs without this issue. I can do this manual fix for my own use, but it seems like I should report this to give feedback.