API Key paid but never recieved key


I bought a key (on 2022-04-22 around 10h45 pm) and never recieved my key (I sent a mail as asked to uav4geo). I am charged every month with no way to cancel automatic payment.

Please refund me for past month and cancel my subscribtion as I never was able to use service.

Thank you.

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Hey @Syrion :raised_hand: sorry, I’m the one in charge of setting up the API keys and I haven’t received your e-mail. I’ve refunded you all the charges and unsubscribed you.

It’s strange I haven’t received the e-mail, but I’m in the process of writing an automated portal that will let people sign-up and receive the keys automatically (so that this won’t happen).

Feel free to PM me if you decide to sign-up again for the API key. :pray:

Edit: ah, there it was, the e-mail ended up in spam. So sorry about that!

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New portal is up: https://portal.libretranslate.com/

API keys are now delivered automatically and people can self-manage their subscription (cancel, update card payments, etc.), so hopefully this won’t happen again!