Alternatives to Libretranslate/ArgosTranslate

Hello, I’m looking for any alternatives to Libretranslate or Argostranslate, I’m fine with lower translation quality, I’m looking for another self hosted or self contained translation API because Libretranslate is too slow for my purposes.

I suspect it’s so slow because bindings of Libretranslate have to connect to a server, which runs its translations from a python API. I’m not super experienced with python or http but I imagine that the intermediary process alongside scripts run in one of the slowest scripting languages bottlenecks performance.

The app I’m writing is in C# and truth be told, it’s not meant to be practical. The purpose of the app is to read very large amounts of text from a database, run that text through a translator several times, then translate it back to the original language, most likely resulting in a very mangled result that still sorta represents what it originally said.

This idea was fairly popular in game modding a couple years back, here’s an example in Minecraft: Badly Translated Minecraft Minecraft Texture Pack (

For reference, I’m translating around 15 000 items, which add up to a total character count of roughly 2 200 000. (That’s more characters than the Microsoft translator API will let you do in a month!)

I’ve tried finding an API that can skip practical translations altogether and just generate the end result I’m looking for given the original text but never found anything, not that I expected something like that to exist in the first place.

Any suggestion at all is appreciated, thanks in advance.

Edit: This is the API I’m using right now sigaloid/LibreTranslate.Net: LibreTranslate c# library (

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Confusing what alternative you get? when you are using the original source itself.