Models' version used in LibreTranslate public server

I notice there are some differences between the translation results coming from the public server and the local one. Obviously this could be because of the differnece of the model version.
How to know the models version used by the public server? to be more specific I am intersting to know the version of the [zh_en] model used by the public server.

'Text' : 我想订一份披萨
'Public Server result': I want to order a pizza
'Local Server result': I would like to make a statement ``

Local server uses the default downloaded model v 1.7 (translate-zh_en-1_7)

I’ve recently updated the Chinese model on, but I don’t manage the argos-index, so you might have to wait until it is updated.

Thank you @pierotofy ,Yes! I read your recent Topic and also leave you a comment there, asking you if you can provide me the zh-en one !

I plan to publish models for everyone in the upcoming weeks.

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Thank you @pierotofy , it’s really a good improvement!

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