Language Support

Of course.
Could you adjust the argosdata links to just Index of /argosdata ? I stuck them in the /training/ sub-directory to keep them separate for, well, training :slight_smile:

I’ll leave them in both locations for the time being and just make a /training_no/ for my Norwegian next project.

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What are the validation rules for a new language? I’m finishing the Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese from Portugal is very different - after several days organizing the data sources it is almost complete, I’m working on validating the translations now, as soon as it’s complete I could help with how to send/share


There aren’t any specific validation rules. If you have a trained model or data you want to submit you can make a post or pull request.

Currently for Portuguese there are already trained models but no data packages. To replace the current models we would want a a demonstration that the new models are an improvement over the existing ones.


I would like to know if you have the argos-train repository with tensorflow ? or training checkpoints in google drive can be used in opennmt-py ? after a lot of research, I was in doubt because it is used in tensorflow
I found them here: Checkpoint Exports – Google Drive

After searching a lot I found the command


and worked fine

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